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Flutgraben participates in the network of independent projectspaces and -initiatives Berlin. The network aims to strengthen modes of cooperation amongst the initiatives and aims to establish a dialogue with policy makers to improve these working conditions.

CBK Dordrecht facilitates artist residencies at Flutgraben e.V. for artists living and working in Dordrecht (the Netherlands) since 2003. Current resident: Katrien Ligt
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Grenzläufte e.V. researches the historic past and its traces of the building am Flutgraben 3 as a part of the Berlin wall during the GDR era. Grenzläufte organizes guided tours through the building. In the guided tour visitors are shown barricaded windows, border soldiers' inscriptions and the remains of signal installations and are taken up to the 20-meter-high roof overlooking the Spree and Osthafen which served as a sentry point for GDR border troops.
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